3 Stages of Breakup

In a relationship NO MORE!
In a relationship NO MORE!

Breakup – it is the word most of don’t want to experience especially if we feel in our veins, in our whole being that this one person we are with currently is “the one” for us. Well, the spark has started and we don’t want it to end after all.

Relationship, just like any other, has challenges. If you’ve got no effort, patience or any good virtue that can combat it, the painful word “Breakup” will took place. Guess the odds are not on the couple’s favor. Read More »

3 Proven Habits to Stay Active in the Office

...for Job Well Done!
Choco Bear Candy for Job Well Done!

Have you experienced a day in the office wherein you jest feel one thing, which is TIRED?

Well, you are not alone. Me too experienced that exact thing. It is very hard to fight TIREDNESS because eventhough the brain is active and it has goals and plans set in it; the body which is responsible in doing such goals is just totally tired… like a stiff neck – very hard to move. Read More »